bucks county

From Where I Ride Part 2: T-Rexstasy

Finally! The second installment of From Where I Ride is here. This time I lugged my trusty K1000 around good ole Bucks County! Many of these roads are amongst my favorites and although I ride them with some frequency, there is always something new to see. From a hungry Tyrannosaurus rex to a flock of butterflies, you never quite know what you're going to run into. With a few steeper climbs than my average ride, this one really got that blood pumpin'!

From Where I Ride Part 1: When Death Dies

I have recently become fascinated with the concept of hedonism. Hedonism, according to Google, is the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self indulgence. Sensual self indulgence, let that one stew.

In an act of extreme hedonism, when the mood strikes, I have decided to strap on my K1000 and bring it along on longer rides. You may be thinking, "That doesn't sound like sensual self indulgence." but I can assure you, it is the pinnacle. The rhythm of the pedals, the snap of the shutter, I could die brimming with endorphins and adrenaline.

This brings us to From Where I Ride. A segment that I hope to maintain, From Where I Ride will include a series of photos taken over the course of a single ride and a Strava map showing the route that I took with basic ride stats. So without further ado, From Where I Ride Part 1: When Death Dies.