Things: Continua Knives

These three knives were handmade by one of my oldest friends. To me, he embodies everything that a hobbyist should be. Constantly searching for a better understanding of himself and the world around him through doing. Whether it’s bicycle touring from Banff, Alberta to the depths of Central America, publishing a comic strip or learning how to mold steel and wood into unique tools, there is always more to experience. Ever since I’ve known Matt, he has poured himself into learning new things.

Not too long ago, he began creating cutlery under the guise Continua Knives. I’ve long been interested in the intricacies of knife making and as soon as I saw he was getting serious about it, I requested three paring knives. While each is completely unique in its blade and tang design, both red handles are made of Padauk and the brown is Mexican Cherry; all three are high carbon steel.

Inspiration: California Golde

An inspiring video shot completely on Super 8 film from some of my favorite influencers in the cycling industry. The video was written and produced by the man, the myth, the legend Ronnie Romance Jr., who I was lucky enough to see in action at the 2017 Philadelphia Bike Expo during his captivating presentation of “The bicycle, a vehicular philosophy of simplification and meditation for the modern world”, cinematography was handled by the talented Sandy Carson whose new photo book looks amazing and the video was, in part, sponsored by No.1 bicycle blog, The Radavist. A fantastic journey with the perfect amount of undertone and introspection.

For the full story and a killer set of analogue photos, check the full post on The Radavist.

Details: Jake

My main man basking in the sun, soaking up the salty breeze. He has certainly mellowed out in his old age and is by all means, living the dream.

Summer's Gone for Ditto Vintage

This series of photos was taken at the end of summer 2018 with my stylist Jessica Schuyler and model Nicole Ruzicka. The idea was to showcase Jess’s most recent collection for Ditto Vintage in her hometown of New Hope Pennsylvania. Mixing multi-exposure imagery with editorial style photography was a blast and I definitely hope to work on more projects like this in the future!

Details: Thinking About Brooklyn

Brooklyn is truly one of my all time favorite places to wander around. A few months ago we decided to go on a little stay-cation in Brooklyn based around all of our favorite things: food, bikes, books and beer (what else do you need?). We also got the chance to see Boygenius; they were out of this world. I didn’t take many photos but its always nice to have a few mementos.

Below, I have embedded a map of all of the places that we wanted to visit. We made it to most but didn’t hit every single one. Absolute standouts to me include Deluxe (Always #1, R.I.P NY Shop), Lella Alimentari, Grimm Artisanal Ales, and Spoonbill Books. Until next time Brooklyn.

Summer's Early Sun

Well I left here in my sleep when I was dreaming
Miles and miles away
Into a place, my heart was scheming an escape
That love drew from me
And I met you on the corner of the seasons
Out of winter's reach and into summer's early sun
You were the moon.

-An excerpt from Lighthouse by Adrianne Lenker

Inspiration: Goldwin x Geoff McFetridge

Geoff McFetridge is one of my all time favorite artists and this video by Goldwin is a beautifully strung together series of clips showing how seamless the transition between art and casual sport can be. Looking at sport as an artistic expression is something that has interested me since I first picked up a skateboard in elementary school. This relationship is something that I intend on taking a much closer look at in 2019.

Out and About

A few months ago, I headed into the city to catch up with my good friend, talented musician and all around excellent human, Jonny Drucker. I hopped on my trusty single speed ripper and he had his board in tow. We spent the day trolling around Philadelphia from City Hall to Fermentary Form. It was a glorious day filled with casual cruising, good conversation and delicious brews. Until next time.

They Came From The Past

I was looking through a few old rolls and stumbled across these photos from Whistler Blackcomb taken in March of 2014. These photos are not only special to me because Whistler was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been but also because they were so pivotal in sucking me into the vortex that is analogue photography.

I had accidentally underexposed the whole roll and when I got the photos back I was so disappointed; I was expecting crisp blacks and clear blues from an epic week in the mountains and instead got these hazy washed out snaps. I put them aside and didn't think much more about it. 

A few months later I posted the title image on my Tumblr at the time and someone commented that it looked like a vintage postcard. Surprised by the positive feedback, I decided to go back and take a more serious look through the photos I had written off as mistakes.

Under closer inspection, the hazy under exposure and the sheer scale of the surrounding mountain range evoked a curious sense of nostalgia.

Above all else film photography has, not only helped me accept imperfection but embrace it. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and a step back in order to approach what was once a disappointment with new perspective.