Seeing Double

Seeing Double is an ongoing exploration of multi-exposure photography. Working with the transparency of shadow and the opacity of light, a single image is created. Each picture is constructed from a series of consecutive exposures taken within the same frame. They are all created in-camera with no post processing.

Summer’s Gone

This series of photos was taken at the end of summer 2018 with stylist Jessica Schuyler and model Nicole Ruzicka. The idea was to showcase Jess’s most recent collection for Ditto Vintage in her hometown of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Mixing multi-exposure imagery with editorial style photography was an absolute blast.


Organically examining the relationship between automobiles and the typography designed for them.

The Power of Flowers

One can never have too many flowers.

American Flora and European Metal with Danny Marsh

After some success with our first film swap, I immediately began searching for ways to refine the process. The first time around Danny shot a roll, mailed it across the pond and then I loaded it up on my end and shot over top of what he had shot. For our second go at it, I wanted to maintain more continuity between each image and spend more time thinking about the composition of each photo. I made it a priority to try and conceptualize how each base photo would interact with a secondary photo exposed over top of it.

For this series I was intrigued by the combination of flowers and classic automobiles. Of all the things that I shoot, flowers and cars are some of the most constant. I find each aesthetically captivating and am fascinated by their beauty side by side. One completely organic in both shape and color and the other purely synthetic striving to capture and refine the best of the other’s natural lines.

With this in mind, I took a stroll through one of my favorite neighborhood gardens to capture some of the local flora. After shooting through the roll, I wrapped it up and mailed it off to Danny in the UK with instructions to shoot some classic Euro metal. As luck would have it Danny’s dad had a classic Lotus Elan and was a frequent of the local classic car scene.