Things: Continua Knives

These three knives were handmade by one of my oldest friends. To me, he embodies everything that a hobbyist should be. Constantly searching for a better understanding of himself and the world around him through doing. Whether it’s bicycle touring from Banff, Alberta to the depths of Central America, publishing a comic strip or learning how to mold steel and wood into unique tools, there is always more to experience. Ever since I’ve known Matt, he has poured himself into learning new things.

Not too long ago, he began creating cutlery under the guise Continua Knives. I’ve long been interested in the intricacies of knife making and as soon as I saw he was getting serious about it, I requested three paring knives. While each is completely unique in its blade and tang design, both red handles are made of Padauk and the brown is Mexican Cherry; all three are high carbon steel.