Double Exposure: Bucks County Flora x Yorkshire Autos

After some success with our first film swap, Danny and I are back at it with another! This time around I wanted to keep it a bit more focused and decided to shoot a full roll of the best flowers that Bucks County had to offer.  With simple instructions to shoot some classic British autos over top of my flowers, I shipped the roll off to Danny in Yorkshire to see what he could see. I could not be happier with the results and am already looking forward to our next swap! 

Beep Beep!

For me, stumbling on interesting cars in strange locations is one of the most exciting parts about shooting in the city. I cannot explain how stoked I was to find a pristine little BMW Isetta nestled in this sunlit alley in Old City.

Originally of Italian descent, the Isetta was a quirky time for German engineering. With it's roaring 1 cylinder engine topping out at a massive 53 mph, I'm sure you can imagine what the horn sounds like. Beep Beep!

Fun Fact: All Isettas came equipped with canvas tops. Because the entire front end of the vehicle doubles as the only door, in the case of a front end collision, the roof is the only way out!