PACT Apparel

As an environmental scientist working with public water and wastewater systems, I feel the average person in the United States takes the availability of clean water and properly functioning sanitary systems for granted. PACT Apparel is an earth conscious producer of organic cotton clothing focused on minimizing their impact on the environment and keeping our water resources clean and plentiful.

As a photographer and brand ambassador for PACT Apparel I worked to infuse their brand with my passion for film photography and love for the outdoors. Splitting my time between the sprawling pastures and dense forests of Bucks County and the urban hustle of Philadelphia, it is my goal to capture the serenity of the rural spaces that surround me while drawing inspiration from the constant movement of the city.

Court Side

Intrigued by the hard lines and muted colors of tennis courts and fascinated by the complete lack of reflected light, this series is one of my favorites to date. Working with Christine Prouty, we had a blast capturing a new perspective on the courts while sticking to PACT's loungewear roots. Christine is wearing a PACT racerback bra, hoodie and stretch-fit flare pants.

South Street Ripper

Taking inspiration from the skateboarding culture that I grew up with, this set features my good friend Jonny Drucker blasting down South Street in a PACT hoodie, tee and socks. Skateboarding is such a unique intersection of creativity and athleticism that has always intrigued me. Beyond what it takes to become decent on a skateboard, the community built around the sport is so impressive and passionate. There is something truly special about shooting someone so comfortable on a skateboard. Seeing how they use the environment around them to express themselves is something that I will never grow tired of.

Backyard Beauty

Ever since picking up a camera a few years ago I have felt strongly about the importance of finding beauty wherever I am.  Browsing the internet or scrolling through various social media outlets, it's easy to become jaded to the world immediately around us.  I constantly remind myself to slow down and look for beauty around me everyday; to really enjoy what I have. In doing this, I have come to realize something as simple as a small patch of Queen Anne's Lace around the corner can yield some of the most beautiful results. Christine is wearing a PACT racerback bra and stretch-fit flare pants.

The Golden Hour

Ah, the 'golden hour', that perfect time of day just as the sun starts to set, when everything is illuminated with a soft shade of gold. On this day during the most golden of hours Christine and I found ourselves at the top of Goat Hill Overlook, a beautiful vista on the Delaware River. We took full advantage. Christine is wearing the PACT maxi dress.


There is something about long forgotten places that just beg to be explored. One afternoon while riding down a path a bit less traveled, I stumbled across these abandoned rail cars. The juxtaposition between Christine's infectious radiance and the dilapidated train cars made for a small collection of exceptional images. Christine is wearing a PACT racerback bra, hoodie and stretch-fit flare pants.